Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Highrise refinements and improvements
We pushed a series of refinements and improvements to Highrise we think you’ll like. 1. The daily digest email that lists your tasks for the day now includes contact information. 2. We’ve added a “Skype” option to the phone number data type. 3. You can now enter the “About this person” text as part of the new person creation process. 4. You can reveal more of the “About this person” text in the sidebar without having to go to a separate page.

Inspiration for customizing the colors on your Basecamp account
If you’re looking for some color inspiration, check out which breaks down interesting palettes by HTML color codes (you can also download as a palette for Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.). You can view the site’s top palettes of the month. Color Inspiration from the Masters of Painting features palettes from Da Vinci, Picasso, Monet, etc. Other idea starters: Colors of the Top 20 Magazine Covers, Autumn, and Color in Science: Microscopic Photographs.


One year in Basecamp with Seventh Degree and Full Sail
“We’ve used Basecamp to manage the Online Classes project for Full Sail. The collaboration has been awesome between the IT, Education, Curriculum departments and many others. The video below shows about a year of use of the messages tab of the LMS Development project, one of over a dozen other projects related to this same effort.”

Element Fusion uses Basecamp to manage its line of web-based products and client projects
“One unexpected way Basecamp has helped us has been in front-end sales. Our sales team demonstrates our ‘project portal’ to prospective clients during the sales process and it has really turned out to be a major selling point. Clients are very impressed with the system which reinforces our commitment to communication and customer service. So, Basecamp adds practical value to our company which, in turn, drives revenue to our business. If anyone out there has not considered using Basecamp as a selling point for their services, we highly recommend it.”

Flare: A site-specific browser for Windows/Campfire customers
Windows users: You can now download Flare 0.4, the first self-updating, stable release of Flare, the site-specific browser for Campfire. Flare lets you stay logged into a room in your Campfire account and notifies you of any new messages.

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