Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

AgileAgenda: a project scheduling application that integrates with Basecamp
“AgileAgenda integrates with Basecamp by synchronizing its scheduled tasks with todo items in Basecamp so you can share what tasks people should be working on. When someone marks a todo item complete in Basecamp, AgileAgenda will take that information and update the schedule the next time it’s synced up. Basecamp can help get things done, AgileAgenda will tell you when that will happen.”

Getting Real
FuelFrog uses Getting Real to keep things ultra-simple
“We built it by keeping things ultra-simple and released it with only the absolute necessary features. We even left out the ability to delete/edit your fuel records or the ability to recover your lost password. We launched the application three weeks ago and have spent nothing on marketing/advertising and currently have over 2,800 users. People really appreciate the simplicity and usefulness of the application.”

Mac users: Create a Backpack Journal Dashboard widget using Safari’s webclip button
“So I have grabbed the updating part of the page as per the widget described and also the team’s recent updates. As a double bonus, it updates the clips when you invoke Dashboard so you get the latest team updates straight away rather than what you’d normally be having to do is refresh your browser’s page yourself.”

BP on dash “And this is what mine looks like on my Dashboard.”

“100 Useful Web Tools for Writers” includes Highrise, Backpack, and Campfire
100 Useful Web Tools for Writers [] is a list that “will help you with your career, your sanity and your creativity whenever your write.” Three 37signals tools made the list.

Kidmondo uses Basecamp and Backpack to create online baby journal
“The early reviews have been positive and many people have equated it to a baby blogging platform or even a baby Facebook. My response tends to be that I find it closer to a baby Basecamp. Basecamp — which we used religiously in the development of the product — has been a constant inspiration in the design of the site. When we were stomped, we often asked ourselves, ‘what would 37signals do?’”

kidmondo Kidmondo uses the new reply to a message via email feature in Basecamp.

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