Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

CSS tip for customizing the appearance of Backpack pages
“You may sometimes wish you could modify the text on a page to fit a little more information on it. I have a page where I collect code snippets and terminal commands and the default font seems a bit large with so much content. Turns out there’s an easy solution to this: simply add a small amount of CSS to the page in the form of a note and you can change the formatting to meet your needs.”

Use Jott to transcribe a voice message and post it to your Backpack homepage
Jott converts your voice into emails, text messages, reminders, lists and appointments. You can even use it to transcribe a voice message and post it to your Backpack homepage.

New Highrise Feature: Better contact filtering
We recently launched an improved contact filter in Highrise:

YouTube clips in Campfire
Fun newish feature in Campfire: Post the URL to a YouTube clip into your chat and Campfire will automatically convert it so a still frame from the video shows up:

youtube in CF

Multiple products
[Case Study] Trigger brings Los Angeles and Shanghai offices together with 37signals products
“The best feature of Highrise, though, is the little line that appears after I’ve added a note, reminding me to add a follow-up task. I can’t think of how many times that’s prompted me to set a reminder for myself or schedule a follow-up with a client. When we’re busy, it’s so easy to forget to set a ‘next action’ that having it built-in is a lifesaver.”

How to use Fluid to “create a kick ass intranet app using 37signals”
“Create a Kick Ass Intranet App using 37signals” explains how to use Open Bar and Fluid to create “a stylish intranet app that lives in your dock, complete with all of your 37signals services.”

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