Audi is set to release the next version of their MMI (Multi Media Interface). The MMI powers their nav, radio, and car systems.

While I prefer Garmin’s UI simplicity, Audi’s Nav UI is my aesthetic favorite. They pay attention to type, proportions, opacity, shapes and shading in a way that says “we really care about how this looks.”

From an information design perspective, I’ve always been a fan of how they present and combine distance and time. I’ve used lots of nav systems and somehow, for me, Audi’s is the one that presents the right information at the right time in the right way. I do like Honda’s too.

Here are some screenshots from Audi’s latest effort:

And here’s part of their lab where they test the designs. The different dashes are from different models.

Read more about the new MMI at Fourtitude or Audiworld.