Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

[Case Study] Interior design firm: “I cannot tell you how much Highrise is helping me work”
“I create a case for each mini-project or design project. Then I assign the contacts I usually require for that type of case and begin assigning tasks. I like using the next week or later choice when I don’t have an exact date for completion. Each day I focus on my due tasks or overdue to clear them or re-assign them.”

“37signal’s Backpack Journal is a great illustration of the Twitter principle, as applied to business”
“A lot of people don’t get Twitter. A lot. They ask me why I love it, use it, and why I tweet so much. I think it’s one of those things that you have to do in earnest in order to appreciate, but I think this screenshot of 37signal’s Backpack Journal is a great illustration of the Twitter principle, as applied to business. What if you could see what everyone was doing, without having to ask? Exactly.”

“Backpack is awesome for wedding planning”
Jessica Merritt offers up “Wedding Planning on the Web: 100 Tools and Resources for Brides to Be.” Backpack is on the list and it’s described as “awesome for wedding planning.”

How one team sends SVN commit emails to a Backpack page
“I realized that I could make it a bit easier for my client to read when we make a change, and what we changed. We use SVN and so I just forwarded my SVN Commit emails to a Backpack page, which my client could then subscribe to the RSS feed of that page.”

New in Basecamp: Email replies can now include file attachments
Now you can attach files to your replies and have those files attached to your comment. So, for example, if you are commenting on a message about a logo redesign, and you have a new design to share, you can just include that new design with your email reply. The file will be posted to the project and attached to your comment. Plus, if the file attachment is an image (gif, jpg, or png) a thumbnail of the image will be posted to the project as well.

Getting Real
Entrepreneur says Getting Real provided guide for translating ideas and passion into a succesful web app
“The Getting Real ethos of keeping things simple and uncluttered has been invaluable…We have a small team, few meetings, and relatively few features. Our limited resources force us to be creative — yet we are starting to garner positive reviews on some of the most popular blogs on the web. I’m also enjoying myself immensely, and am happy to have found another avenue for helping students succeed.”

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