Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

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Zendesk integrates with Highrise and Campfire
“You can now lookup customer information in your Highrise CRM application directly from a Zendesk support ticket. Say you receive a support ticket from a Michael Johnson. This may be the first time Michael has contacted your help desk, but if he is a customer of yours you probably have some information on him in your CRM system already. With this new integration you can populate the ticket page with that information.”

Branding agency uses 37signals tools to stay small and stay connected
“The benefits are that they allow us to manage our clients and their work, and our time and our ‘stuff’ more efficiently, and quicker, and easier. They essentially allow us to get on with what we are paid to do, help solve our clients problems with minimal problems…We have found that by spending less time and effort managing our business, we can spend more time and effort helping our clients to run their businesses.”

Neat Campfire tricks: Graph your usage and autocomplete names
“Probably my favorite, undocumented feature, of Campfire is using the @ in chat to auto-complete someones name. It is something I have found myself using in other chats besides Campfire, just to find that it does not complete their name for me!”

CF names

Periscope: Basecamp control on your iGoogle homepage
Periscope (stil in beta) provides “Basecamp control on your iGoogle homepage.” The extra is made by Ten Seven, Interactive.


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