Earlier this week we launched a big Basecamp update that allows people to attach files and leave comments on to-dos and milestones.

Since we launched the new feature 72-hours ago:

  • 220,568 comments have been posted
  • 197,003 (89.03%) comments were posted on messages
  • 18,481 (8.35%) comments were posted on to-dos
  • 5088 (2.3%) comments were posted on milestones

(You may notice that the numbers don’t add up — that’s because new comments were added between the database queries)

We’re really happy that about 10.5% of the comments posted in the past 72 hours were comments posted on to-dos and milestones. That’s great uptake on a new feature in just 3 days. We’re thrilled that people are loving the new feature! Thanks for your continued support.