Carlos Segura, the man behind T.26 and 5inch, and one of the original partners at 37signals, has quietly been sharing his car obsession with the public. Car lovers everywhere should be thankful.

Cartype is a growing collection of everything car. There are plenty of car sites on the net. Plenty of sites that cover one brand or provide lots of stats like Edmunds. But Cartype takes a different approach.

Besides the standard car photos and info, Cartype spews car logos, company logos, dealer tags, concepts, people parking like idiots, interesting signs, and more.

If you are looking for the standard car site content, the car section has subsections packed with info and photos for current cars, topless cars, supercars, hybrid cars, wagons, classics, comebacks, ugly, cars not coming to the US (interesting), and more.

Yes, the type on the site is a little small, and some things are tough to read, and it may not be comprehensive in the way Edmunds or Yahoo Autos is, but it’s a lovely and unique obsession. If you love cars, do check out Cartype.