Sad, sad economic news: Mother’s Cookies has shut down. Mother’s produced Iced Oatmeal cookies, Mini Chocolate Chip cookies, and the grand old favorite of many, the Iced Circus Animal cookies.

The iconic company started out as a one-man shop in Oakland, CA, by a newspaper vendor from San Francisco. As Foodlocker puts it, ”...He toiled all night baking cookies in a three square foot oven with a nightly capacity of about 2000 cookies or 150 boxes. These sold for $1 a box and his vanilla cookies were an overnight success.”

The success unfortunately could only weather 92 more years, and just last week Mother’s closed after seeking bankruptcy protection during these tumultuous times.

This isn’t some behemoth of an investment firm folding, its CEOs running off with arms full of millions. This isn’t a mismanaged bank selling themselves to some other giant bank. There was no bailout plan for this piece of American history.

I am sad. I am craving Circus Animal cookies, the pink and white frosting and rainbow sprinkles reminding me of much better, much happier times. I can’t buy them anymore.