Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

A file organizing strategy using Basecamp comments
Jamie and Sam are working on creating HTML emails for all the 37signals products. They setup a project for this in Basecamp, and they’re using the newly available comments on to-do lists in a cool way. There’s a to-do for every email template that needs to be updated and, once completed, the template itself is attached by Jamie as a comment for easy retrieval.


Access Highrise on your BlackBerry using Bridge
Bridge is a subscription based BlackBerry application that “enables synchronization and convenient online and offline access to Highrise.”


Highrise’s four levels of permissions
Highrise lets you set permissions on people, companies, cases, and notes. It’s a great way to select who gets to see what information. Keep your personal contacts private. Limit certain data so only, say, the marketing department can see it. Or open information up so anyone on your team can access it. It’s up to you.


Create a calendar for a specific person/category in Backpack
In Backpack, you can have different calendars within your master calendar. These calendars are useful for grouping events by category or person. You might have calendars labelled “Sarah,” “Jeff,” or “Juan” for each one of those people. Or “business,” “personal,” or “travel” for those categories. Each of these calendars can have a different color also. Events will then show up in that color.

Campfire video tip: Name shortcut
37signals’ Jamis Buck shows a quick shortcut you can use to call out individual names in Campfire.

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