Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Basetwo Media: “Backpack’s ease of use encourages collaboration from all of our employees.”
“After having tried a variety of other online tools, shared calendars and a Wiki, we’ve that found Backpack’s ease of use encourages collaboration from all of our employees. Best of all, it’s fun to use.”

Basetwo 2

Backpack Tip: Jump to a specific date/month
Video shows you how to jump to a specific date/month in the Backpack calendar.

Owner of Adam&Co. (a design firm): “Basecamp CHANGED my life for the better”
“It really has made my life sooooooo much more manageable and I have to say – I didnt thnk about how I could leverage it to deal with non-work things until this situation arised. We have a growing list of contacts on there so everyone has the most recent numbers, a constant to-do list that we each can knock stuff off of as we accomplish it rather than each of us doing the same things twice – as well as a journal of events so we all have the same story. It’s truly been incredible.”

Changes to how we handle raw HTML input in Basecamp
If you type ”<b>hello</b>”, you’ll see the tags in the message text instead of an actually bolded hello.

Propane takes Campfire’s immediacy and “turns it up to eleven”
“When you drag an image from Safari…how many times have you been asked ‘Where’s that from?’ Propane does that for you.”

Raves coming in for new Highrise Deals
“Highrise ‘Deals’ is genius!”...”Deals is fantastic, we really love it.”...etc.

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