We’re looking for video clips of Basecamp customers telling us why they love Basecamp. If we use your clip to promote the product, you’ll get a $250 voucher for Basecamp.

What should I say?
Tell us why you love Basecamp, how you use it, how it’s helped you, what you would say to recommend it to a friend, and/or anything else you’d like to share. No fancy production skills required — what you have to say is what matters here. Also, screenshots aren’t necessary. We want your story, not a tour of the product. A simple shot of your head while you talk is fine.

How long should it be?
Clips need to be under three minutes.

How do I submit a video?
Option 1: Use a file uploading service like MediaFire, DropSend, YouSendIt, or BoxCloud. Send it to svn [at] 37signals [dot] com.

Option 2: Upload the clips to your own server and send the link to svn [at] 37signals [dot] com.

Also, make sure to include your Basecamp URL.

Important: Please do not email the video clip directly to us. Also, do not use a video-sharing site like YouTube.

Is there a deadline?
No, but videos that get here sooner rather than later may have an advantage.