Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Highrise one of “Top 10 most useful webapps of 2008”
“Highrise became a big-small contender in the CRM space this year by adding Deal tracking and full data export. Not to mention, no CRM comes close to making it this easy to keep track of your contacts in detail. After falling off the wagon with Salesforce (multiple times), SugarCRM, and PipelineDeals, Highrise is the only one that became critical to my day-to-day activites at work.”

Newsberry, a service to send and track email newsletters, integrates with Highrise
“With Highrise Sync enabled, Newsberry will automatically sync contacts in Highrise to subscribers in your list. All changes in your Highrise account will be visible in your Newsberry contacts list in which you enabled Highrise Sync.”


New Highrise marketing site launches
Check out the new Highrise marketing site.

new HR site

Getting Real
Design studio owner inspired by Getting Real
“Reading your book has just given me the extra-Oumpf I needed and valuable tips about the launching phase.”

“Getting Real reminds small businesses why they shouldn’t try to overcomplicate things”
“From my own experience I know it’s really easy to overcomplicate things, as your company grows you start adding various control mechanisms, and before you know it your implementing controls mechanisms to control your control mechanisms. Getting Real reminds small businesses why they should stay lean and agile.”

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