Rather than survey a bunch of users on every decision, the Mac team decided each issue among themselves, invariably going for the option that might amuse a user the most, that would give a user the most pleasure, and therefore imbue the Mac with personality.

Why Apple is great at interfaces when others are not. I like how Nick draws a connection between good UI and ‘fun’. We don’t talk much about fun in usability circles, and I’ve been thinking about it more since I tried Spore on the iPhone.

The two guys at 2D Boy know a thing or two about fun as well. Just moving the mouse in their game World of Goo is a blast thanks to the way your cursor blob stretches and squashes with velocity and inertia. Check out David Rosen’s tour of the game for a nice analysis of the game’s design details.

There’s another nice quote from the TechRadar article: “absence of pain isn’t the same as pleasure.” In other words, it’s not just enough to strip away all the complexity. There should be some frosting in the mix to also make it a pleasure.