[The Congressional oversight panel’s first report on the spending of the $700 billion of bailout money] is tough and it’s fast. And I think fast was important here too. An ordinary Congressional panel would’ve taken three months to get up and running and would’ve fooled around with hiring staff and deciding who had what tasks and setting up deadlines and timelines and so on. We didn’t do that. In 13 days, we produced a hard-biting document that pushes hard for some real answers. We don’t have a phone, we don’t have a photocopier, we don’t have a coffee maker yet, but we have a very strong report. And there’s another report coming in 30 days and another one 30 days after that and another one 30 days after that. And I think that sets the stage.

Elizabeth Warren, chair of the oversight panel, speaking on NPR about the committee’s recently issued first report. Why can’t government run like this more often? Why does it take a serious emergency to make us realize it’s a good idea to skip all the BS upfront stuff and get to something real?