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Bring Basecamp to your iPhone or iPod Touch with Outpost (just updated to 1.0.2)
David Kaneda of Morfunk says, “We released Outpost 1.0.2 last week to a really great response — it seems we’ve finally nailed most crashes, etc.”

Highrise tip: Assign “Later” tasks a specific date/time so they pop up again
A simple tip to help you get “Later” tasks back on your conveyor belt: Assign them a specific time. Doesn’t really matter when — it can be any random time in the future. The goal here is just to get the task to pop up again so you’re reminded that it has to be done. That way it doesn’t just lie there with your other “Later” tasks forever.

Backpack max plan now fits 500 users
We’ve raised the user limit on the max plan for Backpack to 500 users. This is a five-fold increase from the previous limit of 100. Now Backpack should fit even more companies and accommodate the needs of all the customers we have that were nudging up against the previous limit.

“A guide to personal productivity” that uses Backpack to stay organized
“Backpack – This is the cornerstone of everything. A super simple, web-based organisation tool that is so flexible it can accommodate almost any work flow you can think of.”

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A Campfire to Jabber interface
Attention developers: There’s a newly released Campfire to Jabber interface. This is a simple script that will forward messages from a Campfire room to a Jabber account, and vice versa. (Jabber is an open instant messaging technology that anyone can use.)

Getting Real
“Getting Real reminds small businesses why they shouldn’t try to overcomplicate things”
Tobias Christensen wrote to us, “I read your book Getting Real, and found it brilliant!...From my own experience I know it’s really easy to overcomplicate things, as your company grows you start adding various control mechanisms, and before you know it your implementing controls mechanisms to control your control mechanisms. Getting Real reminds small businesses why they should stay lean and agile, and why they shouldn’t try to overcomplicate things.”

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