A few of this week’s 37signals staff posts at Twitter.

Ryan Singerrjs: “Operating System: There shouldn’t be one.”—Design Principles Behind Smalltalk http://bit.ly/dz7tO2

Kiran Max Weberkiranmaxweber: “Science is beginning to embrace the idea that some technology is Twinkies and some technology is Brussels sprouts.” http://n.pr/cqC1e9

Jason Rehmuslongstride: I can sync my address book with Google contacts? Sync??! Nice!!

uptonicuptonic: Executing a design well matters. Whether you do that yourself or collaborate with others, execution is half the journey.

uptonicuptonic: Web design requires an understanding of code for the same reasons Ive must understand the properties of metal and glass to make an iPhone.

Jason Friedjasonfried: Our pal Kevin Guilfoile gets a great review in the NYT for his new book “The Thousand”: http://nyti.ms/cyCbUm

Matt Lindermanmattlinderman: Ghostly, hand cranked film from 1922 Kodachrome Film Test. http://bit.ly/b4xSW9

uptonicuptonic: Adobe’s latest online Photoshop tools look promising for the casual retoucher/organizer: http://www.photoshop.com/tools

Jason Friedjasonfried: Great collection of signs photographed by @segurainc: http://www.flickr.com/photos/51621851@N06/

37signals37signals: “Q: How to Improve IT Worker Morale? A: Cut Back the Hours.” Includes a REWORK excerpt. http://bit.ly/bVAG3g

Matt Lindermanmattlinderman: Campaign Monitor’s new office = closed door policy. “If my door is shut, don’t interrupt me.” http://bit.ly/dt8KOM