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New in Basecamp: See related milestones on to-do lists and post messages with no category
Now you can see related milestones on your to-do lists and post messages without specifying a category.



How Basecamp helps KK Bloom make her luxury custom couture invitations
“This is universally the best new tool I have been able to implement into my business. I have recommended it endlessly!...I did  my research into other sites, that vaguely do what ya’ll do, but for the rates that you have, and seriously the level of what I can get accomplished with my clients, there is no one else.”

KK 1

PlannerX shows you your entire Basecamp project plan on one page
“PlannerX shows you an outline view of your Basecamp project’s plan, helps you navigate quickly using keyboard and lets you edit right in place. It’s a no fuss, slick tool that lets you manage the entire plan from a single page – 5 times faster!”

MYeReputation’s Basecamp walkthrough video
MYeReputation is an eMarketing consulting company that uses Basecamp with its clients. The company created a quite thorough screencast that walks customers through the process of getting started with Basecamp (4 min). Watch it and you may get some ideas for how to increase Basecamp uptake with your clients.

TechRepublic: “Basecamp provides all the project management features (minus the administrative headaches) [you] need”
“Many IT professionals will find all the project management, collaboration, and scheduling elements they need in Basecamp. Companies from Trek Bicycle to Continental Airlines and a host of others rely upon the online application to power their project management work.”

New in Highrise: Filter notes and emails by author
We just added a useful new feature to Highrise. Now you can filter notes and emails by author. The new filter shows all the entries posted by a certain person on your account. For example, you can filter by your new salesperson Janice to see any notes Janice has added in her first week on the job. You can also check to see if Janice has added any notes to a particular contact.

[Case Study] Software startup eliminates paper trail by using Highrise to track beta testers
“When a new user is contacted, I enter their details into Highrise and make a note of when I e-mailed them. I schedule a followup if I don’t hear back in a few days and equally make a note when they do sign up. I am able to use the tasks to remind me when I need to get in touch to arrange the feedback call and then when the call will take place.”

Tip: Use Backpack dividers to separate a page’s items into alphabetical order
A creative use of Backpack dividers: Use them to separate a page’s items into alphabetical order. Each dividing line gets a letter and you can use Backpack’s nifty drag and drop options to move items where they belong.


Getting Real
“Getting Real changed our point of view on how web applications (and a company) should look and function”
“After reading just a few lines, we realized that the ‘Getting Real’ approach was the right one, even if it contradicted the things we previously believed in. We were thrilled about the book. Getting Real became our company map at Sweet Surveys. We always set our own course, of course, but it helps when we’re not exactly sure which road to take.”

Multiple products
[Case study] How Hello Viking uses 37signals tools to collaborate with marketers and ad agencies around the world
“It’s pretty easy to say Hello Viking would not exist as strongly as it does without 37signals. The tools we use require almost zero training to use, which (again) is wonderful when we’re bringing a new employee or client into an ongoing project. Your team gets to work immediately, versus spending time figuring out how to use the project management system or track hours. The best compliment we could make about Basecamp or Highrise is that they require very little thinking to use.”

Web dev company compares web apps and says “none of them hold a candle to the suite that 37signals offers”
CHROMATIC, a web design and development company, recently shared the most important web-based tools that it uses to run its operations. Three 37signals tools made the list: “There are tons of different collaborative, organizational, and contact management applications available on the web. However, none of them hold a candle to the suite that 37signals offers.”

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