Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

A script that emails log files to your Highrise dropbox for easy backup checkup
Ross Belmont has rigged up a backup solution using the UNIX philosophy of employing many small tools, each perfectly suited for its job. One of the tools he uses is Highrise. He has the script e-mail the contents of the log file to his Highrise Dropbox so he can access it easily. “So far, this has worked without a hitch, and I feel much better having my files backed up everyday,” he says.

Create Backpack reminders via e-mail/SMS
Here’s how it works: Type “call aunt betty sat aft” into a new text message. Send the message to “” This can be any e-mail account you have that supports POP3. The software Ross wrote picks up the message and sets a Backpack reminder for Saturday at 2pm with the text “call aunt betty.”

TrailGuide puts Basecamp on your mobile phone
TrailGuide provides mobile access to your Basecamp projects through an optimized mobile application and secure web server. With TrailGuide, the Basecamp experience has been adapted for efficiency on the phone, so you can see more of the most important things on screen quickly and easily.

Ta-da List named one of the “Top 10 best apps for the iPhone”
We recently announced the launch of Ta-da List for the iPhone. Today MacNN named Ta-da List one of the Top 10 best apps for the iPhone.

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