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IntelliGantt: Publish and synchronize Microsoft Project with Basecamp
“You don’t have to give up the power of Microsoft Project for the simplicity and efficacy of Basecamp. IntelliGantt gives you the best of both worlds, which means a happy project manager and a happy (and productive) team.”


View your Highrise tasks in your Backpack Calendar (or any other calendar that accepts iCal feeds)
Did you know you can view your Highrise tasks in your Backpack Calendar (or any other calendar that accepts the iCal format)? First, go to your Tasks page and scroll down to the bottom. You’ll see a link that says, “Subscribe to your iCalendar task feed.”

ical task feed

Sparkflare pipes tweets and web feeds into Campfire
“We built Sparkflare because, while we use many tools every day, we live in Campfire.”

Twitter engineers use Campfire to communicate
“When [Twitter’s] software engineering teams work in multiple group chats, they use Campfire, a web-based group chat service for the Mac and iPhone.”

Getting Real founders: Getting Real is “a crux component to our success”
“Getting Real concepts played key roles in framing our thinking regarding web development as we built and continue to build and other web applications. We had an idea for an optimized search results service that our friends thought was worth building. We figured if they wanted it and offered to pay us for it maybe others would too. We just had to find away to build it. Enter the conceptual framework of Getting Real and the utility of Basecamp.”

Notre Dame professor uses 37signals as example of a company that “gets” marketing
A marketing professor at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business is using 37signals as a case study in his summer marketing course.

“Getting Real helped us build ProofHQ on a $15,000 budget and bootstrap to breakeven”
“We started work on ProofHQ in Jan 2007 and I bought Getting Real on 15 March 2007.  Although I had founded a tech start-up before, Getting Real summed up exactly how I wanted ProofHQ to be run.  Frankly, it was an inspiration then, and continues to be today…We launched in May 2008.  By November 2008 our revenues exceeded operating costs for the first time and we just broke even.  All this has been possible by keeping the team small, keeping our costs low and moving fast.”

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