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Why Highrise is the best way for real estate agents to manage leads
“Before Highrise, I’d used a variety of real estate specific CRMS, plugins for outlook, and everything else I could find. After I spent half a day installing, syncing, etc, the novelty would wear off and I wouldn’t use them consistently. Highrise is simple and speedy enough that it’s painless to use consistently.”

Bungalow lets you manage your Highrise task list on your iPhone
“Bungalow brings your Highrise task list to your iPhone so you can manage them on the go. Even if you are not connected to the internet you can tick tasks off, edit them and create new tasks with seamless background syncing when you’re back online.”

task list task list

New Voxtopia extra lets you track your calls through your Highrise account
“With Voxtopia’s integration, you can now track all incoming & outgoing calls through your Highrise account. Voxtopia will automatically add a note to your contacts when you make a call to or receive a call by one of your contacts through Voxtopia.”


Prefinery manages software betas and integrates with Highrise
Prefinery manages betas (for webapps and desktop software) — and it integrates with Highrise. It allows customers to create a splash page, supports a sign-up form with fields and survey questions, and handles incrementally inviting users. Customers can sync their list of testers (early adopters, best customers) with Highrise via the API to track leads, conversations, etc for further down the road. Prefinery also integrates with MailChimp.

An update from Research In Motion re: Highrise and Blackberry
We just received a update from Research In Motion regarding an issue with Blackberries and the reply-to email address not working with the Highrise Dropbox. They’ve acknowledged the bug and they said they are working on a resolution.

[Case study] How Basecamp unites web agency Freshout’s offices in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Guadalajara
“Basecamp is hands down the best project management app on the market. We use Basecamp for managing client and internal projects alike, and it’s been an amazing tool for storing and organizing conversations, files, milestones, and tasks. From initial kick-off conversations through the design and development phase and quality assurance process, it helps everyone on the project stay on the same page and on track, without getting lost in an endless slew of emails and files.”

Freshout uses a standardized syntax for To-Dos which makes them easier to review.

WiseClicker reviews “easy to use” Basecamp
“Basecamp offers functionality that is easy to use, avoids bells and whistles and focuses on communication and collaboration. It is more for users that prefer getting things done practically and don’t really care about the formal charting and reporting side of project management.”

Nightline shows site run by Rainn Wilson of “The Office” using Basecamp
Rainn Wilson of “The Office” runs a philosophy/spirituality site called Soul Pancake. Nightline profiled Wilson and the site the other night. The screengrab below shows the Soul Pancake team using Basecamp to manage the site.

soul pancake

Download Squad recommends running Campfire with Fluid on your Mac
Download Squad says Campfire is one of the 10 web apps you should be running on your Mac with Fluid. What’s Fluid? A Mac app that can pull web applications onto your desktop and turn them into OS X native site-specific browsers.

Campfire tip: Type a person’s full name with just a few characters
What do you do when there are lots of people in a Campfire chat room and you want to direct a question or answer to a specific person? Simply start your message with the “@” sign and the first few characters of that person’s name until a yellow box displays showing that person’s full name. Send your message and that person’s full name will display in front of your statement in the chat room.

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