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37signals worth $100 billion?
Start time: 0:37
The story behind the mock press release claiming 37signals is worth $100 billion. The press should be more critical in covering valuation stories. Eyeballs aren’t the only thing that matter.

The valuation dance
Start time: 8:45
Was the press release a shot at Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube? Why was the sale of Mint to Intuit disappointing? Where will the next great generation of companies come from if they keep selling early? Also, VC money is a time bomb.

Mojito Island is a mirage
Start time: 15:23
The idea of selling a company for a big pot of money and living happily ever after doesn’t actually happen. People who make great companies are inherently driven and don’t want to live a life of leisure. If you’re succeeding on something now, stick with it. Otherwise, you may wind up looking backwards “for the love of the game.”

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