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New in Basecamp: Add due dates to to-dos!
This one’s been a long time coming. It’s been our top request for quite a while. Now you can add due dates to to-do lists in Basecamp. We spent a lot of time working on the experience, the interface, and flow, and the speed of this feature. Countless variations and hundreds of little tweaks later, we think we nailed it. We hope you’ll agree.

Inc. magazine looks at how an organic produce farm in Indiana uses Basecamp
“Now the partners use Basecamp to discuss strategic decisions and keep up to date on marketing efforts, crop conditions, and chores. Through Basecamp, the partners also check a daily log from Caruso, the farm’s manager, who documents what happens in the fields. Among her recent posts: ‘Fixed a little wind damage on the field. Not too bad, though. Much warmer and windy. Mice seem to be eating squash seeds, so I moved all trays up to the cloche.’ Entries like that help all the partners sleep a little easier.”

SHO farm pic

New in Basecamp: An easier way to add 10 milestones at a time
“Now just click a ‘Pick a date’ field and up pops a calendar. Click the day and it’s set. That’s all there is too it. Faster, easier, more contextual, and more fun to use.”


[Case study] SEO company: “Basecamp has cut our project management time in half”
Dan Kaplan from SEO company periscopeUP tells us how his team uses Basecamp to manage two production facilities, three writers, and three designers spread around the world.

How To-Do list due dates saved the day for a Singapore company
“Last Friday one of the project managers of our team had to rush to Seattle to attend to a Family emergency within 5 hours of notice. There are multiple very important projects ongoing and there was not enough time for a proper handover. Basecamp came to rescue! Quickly we jotted down all the To-Do’s with due dates and comments. Since then, for the whole of this last week we have been using that To-Do page as a dashboard, with comments, counter-comments, adding & checking off ‘to-do’ items. So far we managed it well and most of the things are DONE! Thanks to Basecamp and my great team!”

Basecamp connects team members in Singapore and Cape Town
“I insisted that all communications be made through my agency’s Basecamp account. I put up a catchy name for the project (“the road to success”) and my partners got to grip very easily with the Basecamp interface. Documents are uploaded for approval, bugs are tracked through to-do lists and general messages go on a Writeboard. Somehow it worked, and I’m proud to announce that went live yesterday with a minimal amount of bugs that we’ll address during the BETA phase.”

BC project

Inchoo on Basecamp: “It’s simple for us and it’s simple for clients”
How Inchoo uses Basecamp. (Warning: Shaky camera ahead!) Inchoo specializes in developing eCommerce solutions using Magento as a platform.

An update from Research In Motion re: Basecamp and Blackberry
We just received an update from Research In Motion regarding an issue with BlackBerries and Basecamp notifications. Research In Motion has acknowledged the bug and they said they are working on a resolution.

Why Highrise is the best way for real estate agents to manage leads
“I like it because it’s simple. Before Highrise, I’d used a variety of real estate specific CRMS, plugins for outlook, and everything else I could find. After I spent half a day installing, syncing, etc, the novelty would wear off and I wouldn’t use them consistently. Highrise is simple and speedy enough that it’s painless to use consistently. My favorite feature is the email dropbox to create new contacts.”

Tip for what to do if you accidently delete something in Backpack
“If you accidently delete something, check the RSS feed or the page history – it just saved me!”

Frugal IT: Backpack filled with “real-life usefulness and smooth interfacing”
“It adapts to how you see it fitting into your life, and it can bend and reshape itself to fit the application you use it for. Multiple pages with multiple levels of functionality within each page equate to an application with customization beyond that of all others. Think of it as a wiki, but overflowing with real-life usefulness and smooth interfacing.”

Haystack: Improved city, state, country navigation
We just made it easier to move between cities, states, and countries when browsing Haystack.

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