How to start writing
“Like a flea market or garage sale, let ideas feel cheap, light and easy to throw around. If you can do that, new work will get off the ground almost on its own.”
The most underappreciated fact about gender: the ratio of our male to female ancestors.
“While it’s true that about half of all the people who ever lived were men, the typical male was much more likely than the typical woman to die without reproducing. Citing recent DNA research, Dr. Baumeister explained that today’s human population is descended from twice as many women as men. Maybe 80 percent of women reproduced, whereas only 40 percent of men did.”
Raymond Loewy
Designer of the Coca Cola bottle, Air Force One, Lucky Strike, Greyhound Bus, Pennsylvania S-1 Locomotive, Exxon and Shell logos, NASA interiors for Sky Lab, and the Avanti, the only automobile to be exhibited in the Louvre.
Typography in “House of Leaves”
“The text of the book is arranged on the pages in such a way that the method of reading the words sometimes mimics the feelings of the characters or the situations in the novel. While characters are navigating claustrophobic labyrinthine sections of the house’s interior, the text is densely, confusingly packed into small corners of each page; later, while when a character is running desperately from an unseen enemy, there are only a few words on each page for almost 25 pages, causing the reader’s pace to quicken as he flips page after page to learn what will happen next.” [tx NM]
iPhone Calculator and Braun ET66 similarities
“Yet another great design tidbit that makes me love my iPhone more and more every day. The GUI is a definitive tribute to Dieter Rams and Lubs Dietrich circa 1977 ET44 and ET66 calculators by Braun.”
Rich Text Editor vs. Safari 2
“Dav Glass of the YUI team was in charge of building the new Rich Text Editor that was just released, and has documented part of the journey which includes how he managed to get this puppy working on Safari 2.”
Videos that can change your organization
“Stories are what change people’s lives, and video is a great way to deliver stories. The web is now exploding with free videos (you knew that) and many of them are powerful enough to make a difference (it’s not all salacious teen stuff). Here are a few to get you started.”
HTML Entity Character Lookup
“Using HTML entities is the right way to ensure all the characters on your page are validated. However, often finding the right entity code requires scanning through 250 rows of characters. This lookup allows you to quickly find the entity based on how it looks, e.g. like an < or the letter c.”