UX Magazine published an in-depth interview with David. It’s a lengthy piece that touches on UI, business, programming, Getting Real, and more. Really comprehensive piece that’s worth checking out. Audio clips of the interview are included throughout too. (Also, check out the nice URL style the magazine uses.)

We keep comparing ourselves to the notion of chefs. When you walk into a high-end restaurant, you really don’t get a whole lot of choice. Usually, the hallmark of a high-end restaurant is the chef’s menu. The chef prepared courses of a dinner in advance where he made all the choices. You eat there because you trust the chef’s judgment and want his taste. Well, we try to do the same thing. Instead of just giving you a super-long menu, we’ll just give you this set course of plates and you’ll have to trust our judgment on it, and I think you’ll end up with a much tastier meal in the end.

Technically speaking is an interview with Jason that ran in Time Out Chicago.

Fried talks about how “making money is like playing the piano: The earlier you start, the more practice you’re going to have, the better off you’re going to be.” On the day he turned 13, Fried’s father, a Chicago Mercantile Exchange trader, took him to get a work permit. He worked typical jobs—grocery store, gas station, shoe store—but he always had a side business of his own. At 15, Fried got a resale license and began buying stereo equipment at wholesale cost, marking it up and selling it to friends. “I suck at playing the piano,” Fried says, “but I’m good at making money because I’ve had more practice.”

Check out the, um, heavenly image that ran alongside it:


Also, here’s a recent video interview and Q&A with Jason at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business: