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37signals ID
37signals ID begins rolling out
Here’s a list of many of the major changes that come along with the 37signals ID username and password system upgrade.

37signals Launchpad: A video walkthrough
The Launchpad lets you access all your 37signals products from a single screen. Move between them with a click, jump back into each app where you left off, rename, reorder, and organize your workflow.

37signals ID update: Now you can have different email addresses for each Basecamp
Now you can have a different email address for each Basecamp account. Just log into a Basecamp account, click “My Info” and edit the email field.

How to: Merge multiple 37signals IDs together
We launched a feature that lets people merge/link different 37signals IDs together. This is helpful if you’ve created two or more different 37signals IDs by accident. Or maybe you created separate identities on purpose originally but would prefer a single ID instead.

Quick tips for accessing your new 37signals Launchpad
Have you transitioned your account to a 37signals ID? If so, here’s a shortcut to the universal login and Launchpad: And if you’re a Safari user, try this: Add the 37s Launchpad as the first item in your Bookmarks Bar. Then hit cmd+1 to quickly load it up!

Car accident? Highrise cases are perfect for handling the aftermath
A car accident is a real pain to deal with on many levels. One way to make the process easier is to use Highrise to collect all the information you’ll need to track: details on the other driver/car, witnesses, passengers, accident location, insurance, attorneys, and more.


Multiple products
Why Basecamp and Campfire would be a better learning management system
“At our university, we use Blackboard as a Learning Management System, and I can’t say that it’s good at all. In this post, I outline the most important shortcomings of Blackboard, the benefits of Basecamp and Campfire, and why the latter would be a better fit for our classes…The thing is that [37signals] products are not designed for education, they are designed for business. Yet, Basecamp and Campfire would be a much better overall fit than the Blackboard we currently use.”

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