Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Free tool lets you create forms that write to your Highrise account lets you “easily create custom forms that post directly to your Highrise account.”

New York Times readers suggest Highrise as better C.R.M. solution than Salesforce or ACT
“We traded down from to Highrise by 37signals and feel it was the best move we ever made. The product runs smoothly, has a crisp user interface and is simple. It is what it is and does the trick.”

PowrFone brings your Highrise data to iPhone caller ID screen
A few seconds before the call reaches your iPhone, a push notification will pop up on your iPhone. The screen-pop provides a full display of caller name, phone number, deal, next task, and tags so you’re prepared to take the call or forward to voicemail.


ReadWriteStart: Basecamp will help “kick-start your company and keep it organized without breaking the bank”
“We here at ReadWriteWeb use Basecamp on a daily basis for managing ongoing projects and reviewing edits of our stories. Developed by 37signals, Basecamp offers a great interface with an easily read dashboard of the latest activity, as well as to-do lists, milestones and email alerts.”

New version of Agile Agenda’s Basecamp Edition released
Agile Agenda, which integrates with Basecamp, is an app that helps you plan a project schedule by calculating start/end dates, GANTT Charts, and estimated project and milestone completion dates.

Beacon is a new Android app for Basecamp
Beacon is an Android app for Basecamp. It offers full offline viewing of all your projects, messages, people, comments, to-dos and milestones. It also gives you the ability to add a message, comment, or milestone. And lots more.

Campfire API now available
Attention developers: Campfire now has an official API (Basecamp, Backpack, and Highrise also have APIs).

Getting Real
How “Make It! Mid-Century Modern” was inspired by Getting Real
“Under-did our competitors: other books in the same niche include more than 50 projects; we chose 12 we knew we could do really well, really quickly.”

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