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New in Basecamp: Stylized email notifications
We created new email designs for milestones (and 48-hour milestone reminders), file uploads, messages, to-dos, and comments.


New in Basecamp: Post a message via email
You can now email a message directly to a project. This means you can post messages without even being logged in. Just send a message via email from your desktop, web-based email client, or mobile phone, and it’ll post right to Basecamp as a message.


“Sams Teach Yourself Basecamp in 10 Minutes” is a comprehensive guide to Basecamp
Sams Teach Yourself Basecamp in 10 Minutes by Patrice-Anne Rutledge is a new book that’s the most comprehensive guide to Basecamp we’ve ever seen. If you want to know everything there is to know about Basecamp, this is the book for you.

How WooThemes uses Basecamp for internal management and interacting with outside collaborators
“We’re trying to eliminate unnecessary e-mails (those where everyone needs to be CC’ed) between team members; so with Basecamp the information is accessible to everyone that might need to see it, but only the people that need the info to act upon it, get notified. The whole team thus knows what’s going on (with Basecamp acting as a status report of kinds) and they have the option of checking in on this any time they want or need to (not when they’re e-mailed unnecessarily).”

Headquarters: A Basecamp iPhone app “for people who get things done”
Headquarters is an iPhone app that bills itself as “the Basecamp app for people who get things done.” Dashboard, to-do lists, and comments are all included. Plus you can manage multiple accounts and merge them into a single Dashboard.


Outline Tracker brings Basecamp projects to your Palm webOS
Outline Tracker for Palm webOS helps you organize all of your tasks and associated notes. It integrates with Basecamp and Basecamp items are cached locally, so projects can be edited without a network connection. (Changes will be uploaded when the network connection becomes available.)

Marketing consultant: Highrise is “more user friendly and productive” than large CRMs
“Highrise is a less complicated CRM, contact manager program. Most CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) have a lot of gadgets and functionality. I’ve discovered that in the small business world, most folks end up only using a small portion of the functions: emails, to-dos, calendar, and opportunities. Highrise developers cut some of the fat from large CRMs and simplified the functions of their web-based Highrise to offer a more user friendly program and productive software. Highrise is quite simple to use and affordable.”

Life by CRM: A strategy for using Highrise to keep your life organized
“As a part-time consultant, I am constantly trying to keep up with shifting needs, changing priorities, and multiple updates from clients and vendors on a variety of issues. Highrise is uncanny in it’s ability to help any kind of professional like myself stay on top of this and update case files easily. When I need to fulfill a request, I add a task and categorize it. When I receive new information or have an interaction with someone, I can add notes or forward e-mails. At the end of the day, Highrise is the best tool for me and helps me to stay agile.”

Google Chrome Extension lets you create new reminders in Backpack
“I use Backpack (37signals) reminders all the time to push out tasks and todos into the future. This Chrome extension allows you to create reminders without leaving your current webpage.”


Getting Real
Getting Real leads to an increase in trust, productivity, and passion at Recruitment Genius
“The management style has changed. We clearly focus on success and there is a lot more trust within the organisation. Productivity has also increased as everyone works the hours they feel most effective and their lifestyle has also improved.”

Multiple products
New 37signals ID help section
“Help & Support: 37signals ID” is a new help section devoted to 37signals ID.

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