Highlights from this week’s 37signals staff posts at Twitter.

uptonic@uptonic: Photo: The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook http://tumblr.com/xbf9vlz9c

Ryan Singer@rjs: The money-to-code ratio at Diaspora is out of whack. Having a pile of money so you can “focus” on a project means nothing.

Matt Linderman@mattlinderman: Need to edit an MP3 track? You can trim tracks in iTunes itself. Get info > Options tab > use Start and Stop times. http://bit.ly/cloLWW

Ryan Singer@rjs: I wish iTunes could exclude artists that only appear on compilations from artist view.

Jason Fried@jasonfried: Highly recommending “Revising Prose”. The best book on writing & editing I’ve ever read: http://amzn.to/a3xxRx

Josh Peek@joshpeek: Its obvious when developers don’t use the software they create

Jeremy Kemper@bitsweat: We need better domain language for third-party authorization. Consumer/client/app/agent are wishy-washy and generic.

Jason Fried@jasonfried: Christian Heilmann interviews @dhh in London about REWORK: http://bit.ly/cFv8Lg

Matt Linderman@mattlinderman: 30% of population believes they have food allergies. Only 5% actually do. http://nyti.ms/c6isg7 Theory: Americans love to invent fears.

Kiran Max Weber@kiranmaxweber: The Icelandic word for computer is Tölva (völva/prophetess and tala/number) – “Goddess who sees the future with numbers.” http://ow.ly/1JQfi

Jason Fried@jasonfried: I was on Chicago Public Radio’s Eight Forty-Eight this morning talking about REWORK. Audio: http://bit.ly/cTI8M8

Sarah Hatter@sh: When people don’t pay you for your time, they rarely value it.

37signals@37signals: “Getting Real”, our book on building software, is now available in the iBook Store on the iPad: http://bit.ly/d7xlKB

37signals@37signals: A reading guide for REWORK Japanese edition: http://bit.ly/chopEl. Offers translation footnotes for Japanese readers of the book.

Jason Fried@jasonfried: A flight attendant explains how to pack for 10 days in a carry-on: http://nyti.ms/9chfb6

Ryan Singer@rjs: This interview with a creator of the original Super Mario Bros is a fascinating design case study: http://bit.ly/cycVye (tx @bitsweat)