Highlights from this week’s 37signals staff posts at Twitter.

Jason Fried @jasonfried: There’s a two-week-or-less version of just about everything.

Matt Linderman @mattlinderman: Love the photog of Olivo Barbieri. Shots of his site specific_NEW YORK CITY 07 here: http://bit.ly/ddiWFu

Jamis Buck @jamis: gah, another email announcing a “webinar”. That word just gives me the creeps.

Jason Zimdars @JZ: “Without great solitude no serious work is possible.” — Pablo Picasso

Ryan Singer @rjs: NPR guests are so frequently “struck by” things that they should start wearing helmets and armor inside the studio.

Jason Fried @jasonfried: Register early for BIF-6. The BIF conference series is one of the best I’ve ever attended: http://bit.ly/b2kcU6

Kiran Max Weber @kiranmaxweber: Check out Episode #29 of Core Intuition with @danielpunkass and @manton – more talk about handling support email. http://ow.ly/1PS49

Jason Fried @jasonfried: With every call being recorded for quality assurance purposes you’d think call center quality would be improving.

DHH @dhh: There’s something uniquely calming about shredding stuff. Paper be gone!

uptonic @uptonic: New saddle has titanium rails and carbon undersides, but carries an “enthusiast” label. Man, cycling is serious these days.

Jason Fried @jasonfried: “Easy” is a word that’s used to describe other people’s jobs.

Ryan Singer @rjs: The Financial Times’ iPhone app is also extremely well executed. FT makes NYT’s well-known apps look clunky and overdone.

Jamis Buck @jamis: My 8yo: “Really? They speak English in Canada? I didn’t even know people lived there!” Sorry, neighbors!

Joshua Sierles @jsierles: Lacking the tools to cleanse your soul? Clean house. Give stuff away. On its way out, remind yourself why you didnt need most of that stuff.

asianmack @asianmack: Some friends say there is no subculture anymore. Internet killed them. That’s so untrue. Just too old to know what these new kids are up to.

Ryan Singer @rjs: I’m gonna wear out the Kindle’s highlight function on Sowell’s “Conflict of Visions.”