Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

AlertThingy brings updates from Basecamp and other social apps to your desktop
“AlertThingy v3 brings the very latest updates from your favourite social networks direct to your desktop. Plus send Tweets, update your Facebook status, upload photos to Flickr, post to Tumblr and more. With v3 AlertThingy makes it faster and easier to manage the online you. Plus you get the coolest looking RSS reader on the interweb. Now, for business users we have Yammer, Basecamp and Huddle integrations. So you can mix work and play.”


Anthony Brewitt: “Basecamp Changed My Design Process”
If you’re a designer who uses Basecamp, you may find Brewitt’s approach interesting. The post offers a detailed analysis of how he uses Basecamp throughout his design process. “Its changed my design process forever, improving communication with my clients and allowing me to easily run multiple design projects.”

Virtual assistant for realtors calls Basecamp “phenomenal”
“My favorite feature of Basecamp is the ‘Dashboard’ and the fact that tasks that are due can be assigned to different associates, but we can all see if they are past due. I also like the fact that my Realtor clients can log in 24/7 without playing ‘seek and find’ – from the minute they log in, they can see an overview of all their projects, what’s been done, and what’s coming up. I believe this feature allows us to retain clients that are nervous about ‘virtual’ assistance, it gives them a glimpse into our ‘office’.”

[Case Study] Brazilian legal site uses Basecamp because it means “no time wasted on training, no technical woes, no headaches”
“We reduced the use of e-mails by 90% and after 2 years using Basecamp in the office, we realized that the office wasn’t making sense anymore. Last December, we closed the office and the work is now being completely remote again, thanks to Basecamp.”

Squidoo lens offers tips on using Backpack and GTD and says “Backpack is the way to do GTD
“Far more flexible than the Davidco Outlook add-on, hipper than a hipster PDA, accessible from anywhere you’ve got a Web connection, cheap, insanely easy to learn, and faster than a speeding bullet. Backpack is the way to do GTD. If you’re trying to get organized and your system is giving you more pain than productivity, give Backpack a shot.”

Create an emergency Backpack page
“Is your business prepared for an emergency? A good idea: Set up a Backpack page that puts everyone on the same page about what to do when things go wrong…Having all that info on one page and in one place can be a real lifesaver when things go wrong. Better to plan for it now. If you wait until you need it, it’s already too late.”

New Highrise Extras and Add Ons page
Highrise works with a variety of third-party customer service applications, accounting software, data visualization tools, mobile solutions, and more. We recently revamped the Highrise marketing site and now there’s a page specifically devoted to add-ons and extras.


Eric Lee: Trade unionists should try getting organized with Highrise
“Union organisers can use Highrise to record all contacts, to note who has joined and what they’ve agreed to do, and who are potential members. Once a union exists in the workplace, Highrise could be used to maintain membership records and details of contacts between members and the union.”

Getting Real
Getting Real is (still) #2 ranked book at Lulu
Over 6,000 people have purchased a print copy of Getting Real at Lulu (Getting Real is our book on the business, design, programming, and marketing philosophies of 37signals). It was published in 2006 yet it’s still the #2 ranked book there.

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