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Introducing Campfire for iPhone
Ember officially became 37signals Campfire for iPhone (iTunes App Store link). As an added bonus, we’ve dropped the price from $9.99 to $0.00. Campfire for iPhone is free!


Draft for iPad updated to version 1.0.1
Draft, our iPad app that lets you quickly-sketch-and-share via email or Campfire, has been updated to 1.0.1. The update is now available in the App Store. Included in this update is: Unlimited undo, Unlimited redo, Save a sketch to your photoroll (Share button), and Save a sketch to the clipboard (Share button).

Iphone_screenNew in Basecamp: Custom favicon and iPhone icons
Basecamp now has a favicon and iPhone icon (shown at right) that you can customize with your own logo. A favicon (short for favorites icon) is the tiny graphic you see in your web browser next to the URL in the address bar on many popular websites.

How Para Plan Plus uses Basecamp to save money, keep data safe, and reduce administrative pressure
“The back-up and main ten ance of the serv ers for Base camp were far better than any thing that we could have afforded ourselves, and it meant we didn’t need the space for a server in our own offices any more. That meant we could almost entirely cut out IT hard ware and main ten ance costs and actu ally gain more reli­able tech no logy. We’ve prob ably saved as much as £15,000 over the past three years as a result.”

Mimecast uses Basecamp to “save considerable time and money over classic project management tools”
“Today Basecamp is used by Mimecast to coordinate and control external and internal projects – from simple archive migrations through to more complex large scale deployments for our customers. The range of tools available in one place, and allowing our customers to login and view or edit their own project is a huge bonus.”

“Basecamp is how Peer Pressure Creative gets business done”
“Basecamp helped Peer Pressure Creative deliver a strong open line of communication during the build of the 2009 U.S. Women’s Open website. The project consisted of 8 Women’s Open representatives who were involved in the build and our team. Needless to say, basecamp made our lives (and our inboxes) much happier by having everything all in one place. Keeping track with milestones, to-do’s, and time tracking made all the difference in this project.”

Interview with project manager who uses Backpack as part of his “Getting Things Done” system
“I keep a notebook with me at all times and use a paid 37Signals’ Backpack subscription to manage my personal GTD system (above image). I’ve investigated other apps, but find a combination of pen, paper and Backpack works for me.”

Reviews of Satchel, app that brings Backpack to iPhone/iPad
“It’s worth every penny for the true Backpack fanatic…If you love Backpack, you’ll love Satchel.”

Tips for reporting on Deals in Highrise
You can see all of your deals data in XML format by browsing to now you can make custom categories for deals.

Heat up your cold calls with Highrise’s “latest tweets” feature
“Best thing about @37signals’ Highrise? Add a contact’s Twitter account and see their latest tweets in their profile. Cold call now = warm.”

Hungate Business Services: Highrise makes adding CRM tasks “80% faster than before”
“The Deals tab brings our company together in so many positive ways. We can see what’s in the sales pipeline at any given time which helps us make better business decisions and allows our managers a quick overview of activity going on in our respective sales territories. Also, having the ability to assign categories is handy for inventory planning with the family of products and services that are getting more exposure.”

Send and track email campaigns in Highrise with MailChimp
“If you’re a MailChimp user, you can now give us your Highrise information, and we’ll import your customers into a list, so you can send an email campaign to them (and track opens, clicks, etc).”

Multiple products
Illinois church finds “the perfect solution” in Highrise and Backpack
“Highrise, allows you to manage your contacts, conversations, maintain continuity, recognize key events in the lives of your members and schedule regular “member contacts.” Highrise enables you to make sure that your members know that you care about them. Backpack, places the power of ministry into the hands of those who love, care about and actually do their respective ministries. Lastly, Formstack provides the engine for easily and quickly creating and handling on-line forms and surveys. It allows each ministry to view and export their on-line submissions, and automatically (yet optionally) handle confirmation and notification emails.”

How an Oregon lawyer uses Highrise to manage clients and Backpack to GTD
“I use Highrise as my business development / marketing tool. Existing clients, potential clients, referral sources, etc. are all contacts in Highrise. I bcc: my email correspondence with these people to Highrise so I can keep track of my discussions with them. I use tasks to schedule follow up items so I maintain consistent contact with the people that matter most to my business development efforts. I also add important dates like first met and a periodic check-in dates which automatically trigger tasks.”

Dialsmith gives high marks to Highrise and Basecamp
“Every morning, Basecamp provides the team with an automated email progress report outlining what has been accomplished and what’s next on the list to tackle. This in itself saves me countless hours of time! The web interface allows me to view the status of deliverables in multiple formats, giving me greater ability to anticipate bottlenecks and proactively realign priorities and responsibilities to keep all aspects of the release moving forward. And since I travel frequently, being able to do it all online and not having to run software with a large overhead load is important to me. Basecamp keeps us all on track, on schedule and connected.”

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