I’m really liking Google’s design lately. Even though people would say, “It’s ugly and stripped down or whatever.” The decisions they’re making I think are really wise. Everything’s based on speed. And the more you use it, the more you realize speed trumps aesthetics in most cases. If you can be fast and good looking, that’s great. But I think I’d almost prefer fast.

And so, I like some of the decisions they’re making about that. And I think that’s starting to influence us a little bit in terms of picking up some speed here and there by maybe doing things that are a little bit less fancy than we might want to do, a little less arty than what we might want to do, but really just are better because they’re faster…

The way I tend to do it is I’ll design something the way I like it, and then I’ll figure out how I can pull stuff out of it. So, for me, it’s more an editing process. Speed is about editing for me. I want to get the idea out there first and then I can start peeling back.

Jason during the 37signals podcast Design roundtable – Part 2 (transcript).