Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Large monitors on production floor show company’s Basecamp milestones
“I love my new production schedule monitor. Great job and the best part is that I can see the red dates from my office. Everyone here likes it so far or until their project goes red for everyone to see.”

A monitor displays milestones at A. D. Williams Engineering.

VisioPlanning for Basecamp: Keep track of projects and employees in real time
“When an employee is working on a certain project, he must keep his interface up to date by activating the flashing light corresponding to the task(s) he is working on. This update is then automatically carried on to the supervisor interface. This way, the supervisor always knows what the employees are working on in real time.”

Basecamp FAQ: How can I upload or change the photo that appears next to my name?
Tired of seeing that generic person icon inside Basecamp? Then you and your team should upload photos. It’s a simple step, but it really humanizes things when can you see a person’s face next to their words.

Highrise Deals API
Attention developers: The Highrise API now works with the new Deals feature.

Multiple products
Discussing when to use Highrise tasks vs. Basecamp to-dos
“There is almost NO time that seeing everything we have to do in one place actually helps us, other than by making us anxious. Theoretically, it sounds nice, but I don’t think there’s a practical application. Instead, I think keeping tasks somewhat separate allow you to focus on what is important right now.”

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