Highlights from this week’s 37signals staff posts at Twitter.

37signals @37signals: REWORK is the third most “heavily highlighted” Kindle book right now: http://kindle.amazon.com/popular_highlights/books

Jamis Buck @jamis: One thing running has taught me is that real change comes slowly, and that’s not a bad thing.

DHH @dhh: Awesome visualization of the first five years of Ruby on Rails commits: http://bit.ly/bRdrSd

Jason Fried @jasonfried: Money doesn’t make you smart, it just makes you rich.

Kiran Max Weber @kiranmaxweber: BBC: Global Visual Language – http://ow.ly/1Hzkr and http://ow.ly/1Hzvn. via @research_london

Matt Linderman @mattlinderman: NPR streaming new albums from The Dead Weather, The National, and LCD Soundsystem. Good stuff. http://n.pr/15yNnh

37signals @37signals: RT @nsls: Sarah’s interview with @dhh, co-author of Rework RT @librarybeat: Longshots 232: Rethinking Your Work http://bit.ly/c1tizn

asianmack @asianmack: It’s easy to go overboard with fancy CSS and JS just like it was easy to go overboard with fancy Photoshop filters in 1997.

Ryan Singer @rjs: I snuck a peak at “HTML5 for Web Designers” and it is short, pithy, fun and exactly fits the bill http://bit.ly/awMW5G

uptonic @uptonic: It’d be nice if Twitter included the person’s bio in their new follower emails, when available.

Jamis Buck @jamis: I’m really loving the iPad as a writing platform. Using @mywritingnook and liking it, for the most part.

Ryan Singer @rjs: Bullet lists with more than seven items probably shouldn’t be bullet lists.

Matt Linderman @mattlinderman: Pioneer Zephyr = gorgeous 1934 train. Details: http://bit.ly/c4iach Cool pics: 1) http://bit.ly/bsV0Iv 2) http://bit.ly/947clU. (via SM)

DHH @dhh: Won the Cayman Interseries enduro race at Road Atlanta this weekend. Highlight reel: http://bit.ly/dAVomM

Sam Stephenson @sstephenson: I.e. = in other words. E.g. = for example. Viz. = which is to say. N.B. = I’m a jackass.