A few of this week’s 37signals staff posts at Twitter.

Matt Linderman@mattlinderman: It’s a fine line between preparation and stalling.

Jason Fried@jasonfried: Where’s the double bounce prosperity?

DHH@dhh: Wow, this is promising. Apple backs down from dev tool restrictions and promises to make review process transparent: http://bit.ly/aFCxOw

Sam Stephenson@sstephenson: Really enjoying http://longform.org/ for idle reading.

Jason Fried@jasonfried: Notes from today’s Q&A at the 37signals HQ w/ Tony Hsieh, CEO of @zappos: http://bit.ly/9pjLXs (via @timschraeder)

DHH@dhh: I’ll be keynoting at http://rubyconf.org/ this year. Nov 11 – 13 in New Orleans. It’s been too long.

asianmack@asianmack: Sometimes it feels as though the lame townspeople from “Footloose” are close to taking over America.

Jason Rehmus@longstride: One of @Instapaper’s best, secret features? Time. It’s amazing how many articles I DON’T want to read a few days after saving them.