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Web and print design Extras for Basecamp
We’ve added a new section to the Basecamp Extras page: Design Tools For Web And Print.


Time Hawk adds timekeeping framework for logging and tracking time to Basecamp
“With Time Hawk™, your employees and vendors easily track time invested to specific project tasks. Your Project Managers can turn a keen eye to details, monitoring budgets in real-time, entering project estimates and billable rates, and generating comprehensive reports — all easily exported directly to Excel. No installation is required. Time Hawk™ is easy to use and requires little to no training…Users are assured a secure network for all data, with backups daily. Time entries are also pushed directly into users Basecamp accounts.”


Roadmap is a strategic reporting engine for your Basecamp account
“Roadmap is the most complete portfolio management tool for Basecamp. Interactive Gantt charts, programs, drag-and-drop dates, custom reports…”

UK-based flight simulation business takes off with Basecamp
Virtual Aviation is a UK-based flight simulation specialist, operating a fleet of $20-million Boeing and Airbus full-motion flight simulators from bases at London Heathrow and London Gatwick. “We’ve just developed a new product called ‘Mayday’, which is a talent development course for business people, and Basecamp has been invaluable throughout the year-long development process. It has allowed the numerous people involved with developing Mayday to share messages, ideas files, and documents. Without Basecamp, I doubt we would have been able to complete the project so quickly and efficiently.”

Using Basecamp to manage an apartment building
Basecamp is a great tool for condo or co-op apartment boards that need to manage building affairs. Use Basecamp and messy email threads between board members become a thing of the past. Plus, everything gets documented. So when the board changes, it’s easy for new officers to get up to speed.


How one of the largest retailers in the Middle East uses Basecamp to manage web projects
“Another idea that works well for us is to create a Basecamp project solely as a knowledge base. Today’s web is loaded with useful information such best practices, market research, usability advice, development tips, community management strategies etc., and whatever we find useful or relevant to our work, we keep adding to this project via Writeboards, etc. If we create a blog strategy for one of our businesses, and another business needs one as well, this repository serves as a reference point and its templates save a considerable amount of time and energy.”

Travel tip: Use the “Email me a copy” option in Backpack for your trip info
Want to be able to easily access all that info straight from your email inbox? Use the “Email me a copy” option in the footer of your Backpack page. Backpack will send you the contents of the page via email.

Email me a copy

WebGreek stays on top of every conversation with Highrise
“The single best part of Highrise, as far as I’m concerned, is the simple and flexible way that the modules interact with each other. Anyone can add a note to a contact, case or deal, and then add a follow-up task to it if necessary. Just about anything can be attached to anything else, which allows us to come up with our own set of guidelines for using the platform that mimics the way we handle our customer relationships. We are constantly discovering new little tricks and hacks that make tracking our sales and customer service activities that much easier.”

Use Highrise data to fuel personalization
“Look at the data you have about your current customers, see what data is missing, and figure out how to structure the next job or next customer to collect more complete data. I’m a huge fan of MIS systems but they are collecting data about your business, I’m talking about collecting data about your customer (CRM systems), don’t be scared off by the expensive sounding acronym – try Highrise by 37signals, its easy to use and the price is right.”

Getting Real
Getting Real helps spur Teenormous to $800,000 in t-shirt sales
“As a team of two that maintains Teenormous in our spare time, Getting Real has proven to be a crucial guide book to follow for doing more with less, and focusing on what matters.”

Campfire picked as one of 40 useful tools for health administrators
This list of the 40 most useful Web apps for health administrators lists “the tools, communication devices, collaborative tricks, productivity and travel apps that can help you shave time off that busy day.” Campfire is one of the Communication picks.

Multiple products
Animation and design studio solves workflow issues with Basecamp and Highrise
“Highrise has been a great CRM for keeping track of our clients and executives in the world of animation. Childrens’ animation is a fast paced industry but often slow in communication, so knowing who from our company has had contact with someone and what was said helps us stay on top of things without bugging. Plus not having to use folders to archive emails (only to never find them again) is worth the price alone!”


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