Time: 11:20 | 12/13/2010 | Download MP3

A talk about the new office space: How’s it working out so far? What was it like being on the opposite end of the client/designer (or, in this case, architect) relationship? What’s the “right” amount of space for now and years from now?

The transcript is also available now. Here is an excerpt from Jason:

We wanted to be surrounded by high quality stuff, because I believe that the things that you work around, the environment that you’re in, have a lot to do with the work that you do. And if you can be influenced by things that you know somebody spent a lot of time on, and is something that was carefully considered, and it’s just the right material for the job, hopefully that will rub off on you when you build something and you design something. So, the office, in many ways, is supposed to be an inspiration for us to build better stuff.

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