Sortfolio, our visual directory of web designers, has been helping companies find web design firms (and helping web design firms find clients) since October of 2009.

Sortfolio works

It’s been working quite well for people. In a recent survey we conducted, 45% generated new business through Sortfolio, and 64% said leads were moderate to high quality.

We believe in Sortfolio. It’s still the best way to browse web design firms. It beats Google, text directories, or hiring your friend’s cousin. Browsing by visual portfolio, budget range, and location is the most perfect combination we’ve found to hone in on the right fit for your web design project.

Sortfolio deserves a better home

However, we haven’t been able to dedicate many resources towards improving it or promoting it. Our efforts are focused on our products and our Job Board. We believe Sortfolio deserves to thrive, but 37signals is no longer the best home. So we’re looking to sell it to a company that can give Sortfolio — and its customers — the love and attention they deserve.

Revenues and business model

Sortfolio has been holding steady between $17,000-$20,000/month for quite some time now. Paying customers are billed $99/monthly. They can cancel at any time. Free listings are available for all. Currently there are just under 10,000 total accounts, 195 of those are Pro accounts. We’re sure a dedicated sales person could upsell quite a few people.

Futher, the Sortfolio model could expand into a variety of other verticals including photographers, wedding planning, catering, illustrators, artists, etc. I’d love to see a Sortfolio for calligraphy or hand lettering.

Make us an offer

If you’re interested, make us an offer. We’re open to anything as long as it’s cash. We’re not interested in equity. Maybe it’s all cash, maybe it’s cash + royalties on future sales. Who knows. Come at us with something serious and we’ll consider it.

If you’re interested, or have any other questions, please email jason@37signals… We expect to receive a lot of offers, so we won’t be responding to anything we don’t consider a serious offer. We’re serious about selling so please be serious about buying. We’ll help get the word out whenever you are ready to relaunch.