Chase Clemons & Joan Stewart joined the support team on May 31. It’s only been 3 weeks, but they’re already making customers happy!

Chase had lots of experience with customer support in his role as manager at Jason’s Deli (he recommends the Chicago Club). He impressed us with his writing skills, and his advice on teamwork & customer support:

Only happy people can make other people happy. Make sure to treat your team great because they’re the ones who make the difference with the customer.

You can read more on his blog. A native of Nashville, Chase is very loyal to Tennessee whiskies.

Joan comes to us from Rapid City, South Dakota, where she worked at the Rapid City Public Library. Her advice on customer support:

Slow down and ask a few questions. Sometimes I’m too eager to solve the problem and it’s not really the problem they want solved. Just asking a few questions as nicely as possible to get more clarity helps a lot.

Joan proves, once again, that librarians are awesome. You can read her application & see for yourself!