A couple terrific people have joined our team recently: Shaun Hildner and Emily Wilder.

Jason wrote a little bit about him in Inc., so you might already know that Shaun joined us a little over a month ago as our new videographer. He made both the great logo animation and customer appreciation party video. Shaun is originally from Montana (also known in my area of the country as Western Real America) and now lives in Chicago. His application and demo reel really impressed everyone at 37signals and we’re very pleased to have him aboard.

If you’ve sent in a support ticket or checked out our Smiley ratings in the past few weeks, you might have noticed a new face. Emily Wilder has joined our Customer Support team, which means we are seven members strong and finally able to compete in water polo.

Emily was hired in an effort to replicate qualities from existing support team members: a redhead like Ann, a Northern California transplant to Austin like Merissa, and a passion for helping people like all of us. Emily told me her heroes are people she knows who manage to be brilliant while unfailingly kind, and her superpowers include the ability summon bagpipes with her mind and bake bread without a recipe.

You can follow Emily and Shaun on Twitter or help us welcome them here!