All features must ship! There’s been some improvements to your 2011 Campfire lately, and it’s time you came on down and tried them out.

Per-Room Permissions

First up, we’ve added per-room permissions settings. Previously, permissions could only be changed on a specific person, and it was tedious to click around to each person once you added a room. Now, right after a room is added, you can immediately change who has access to it in one place.

Tons of Emoji

We’ve got some hot new imports: More emoji. “More” is an understatement. How about, 495 emoji? There’s an an entire cheat-sheet so you can educate yourself on proper Emoji usage as well.

New Sounds

There’s also been a few new sounds added lately. Try out ”/play secret”, ”/play tada”, ”/play nyan” at some point!

Animated GIF Thumbnails

One of my favorite parts of Campfire is how it plays GIFs. Perhaps this isn’t the most productive way to communicate, but it sure is awesome. If you upload a GIF to Campfire now, it will resize and animate the thumbnail as well. Pretend the above image is animated, I’m only good at finding GIFs, not making them.

We’re in Campfire every day at 37signals, and we love making little improvements to make your experience better. Hopefully these brighten up your Friday!