It’s hard to believe we didn’t have a proper calendar in Basecamp until June of 2011. Before that we had a list-based view which worked exceptionally well for nearly seven years, but people still like looking at dates and deadlines on grids. We get it! ;)

We’ve made a few calendars in our time. Backpack has a great one – it served as our exclusive company calendar up until we built this new one in Basecamp. Now we run all our schedules with the new Basecamp calendar.

We wanted to make sure the calendar for the all new Basecamp was the best one we ever made. And the best one around, period. It’s not going to launch with everything we want, but all the basics are covered real well. We put a lot of time into the interaction details so it’s fast, smooth, intuitive, and flexible. We’ll continue to improve it and refine in over the coming months, post launch.

Here’s a video peek at what it looks like and how it works. There’s more to it than this – there’s a list view inside projects, and each event has a discussion page as well – but we’ll be saving those details for a future video.