When I painted a mural on the wall of the first 37signals office back in ‘99, or 2000, I didn’t have a camera phone in my pocket. That’s why I took pictures of the wall with a disposable camera. If back then I was the competent human being I am now, I would have gotten those pictures developed, but I was an idiot then, and I have no documentation of that mural. I remember that it had monsters in it. I was into painting monsters.

About a month ago I completed a new mural in the front entrance hallway of the Basecamp Headquarters. Luckily I have a camera on the thing I browse Facebook with, and I keep it in my pocket. I was on a black and white abstract cityscape kick when I pitched the idea to Jason and Michael Berger. Jason had some ideas but gave me the license to do whatever I wanted. Doing whatever I want is what I do best. I’m really proud of the results, and grateful for the opportunity. I’ve done several murals, but this one might be my favorite. It was Jason’s idea to go around the corner.

I put a few Easter eggs in there. It says Basecamp. It also says 37signals and Spinfree. There is something that looks like a ruby on some rails. Jason didn’t want it to be too Basecamp specific, and I agreed with that, so those things are all somewhat hidden.

By the way, I love doing murals, and I especially love doing them in offices. It gives me a chance to soak up a company’s culture for a few days or a week while I work, and tech companies always have snacks. I’m down to fly to Germany (or wherever) and do a mural in your office. Basecamp is a fifteen minute bike ride from my house, I’m already familiar with the culture and the people, and I have a fob, so this was a fun one. Say the word and I’ll paint the whole place!