Ira Glass on Storytelling
This American Life host explains how to weave a good yarn.
Twittered director’s commentary
“Drive” director Greg Yaitanes twitters live director’s commentary during show. Sample entry: “bad directing moment: shuttle is taking off and no one is watching it as alex runs away.”
The small-is-beautiful movement
“Our society’s been based on excess for so long, it’s still a somewhat novel idea to live simply…I can’t say what the definition of a small house is. Maybe it’s 4,000 square feet, if that’s what it takes to suit their needs. The idea is that the house is being well-used. Some people need more space than others.”
Work-for-hire model broken?
Jim Coudal: “We don’t think that is a particularly equitable way to do our business. The whole work-for-hire thing in design and advertising, where the client owns everything outright, is a broken model.”
Wikipedia popularity soaring
“Eight percent of American Web users visited Wikipedia during a typical day this winter—a higher proportion than those who made an online purchase, visited a dating site or chat room during a typical day…Wikipedia isn’t replacing the professionals; it’s just quickly and efficiently harnessing their work.”
Tips on raising money for a startup
“The business of getting funded is only about the business you’re trying to build and nothing more…Don’t confuse perseverance and a poor plan…Go as far as you can as fast as you can before you raise your first dollar…Raising money is about people not money.”
PeepCode "Javascript with Prototype.js" screencast
“The Prototype.js library makes Javascript nearly painless. It extends native objects with extra functionality and makes it easy to organize your code or even extend built-in objects. This 90 minute screencast shows you the basics of Javascript and walks through a few simple
Matt Haughey's Fortuitous
“I’m a hobbyist turned designer turned developer that eventually got to quit my day job and support myself with my projects. Along the way, my business life has gotten increasingly complicated and I’ve had to spend hours researching accounting, the law, and usage patterns on my sites. I intend to post a new essay about some aspect of my experiences every Monday.”
Coda not so hot?
“It’s like buying your dream car, only to find out that the seats are kind of uncomfortable and there’s no heater. Coda comes so close to being great that its shortcomings are especially annoying. Having tried this way of working, I’m loath to return to having four apps open all the time – and yet I keep running into issues that irritate me almost enough to give it up.”
Pro retouching goes mainstream
“Now, Web sites are selling professional retouching services. For $20 to $200 or more, anyone can get a tighter stomach, smoother skin and brighter teeth — at least in an image.”
Digital hardware usually comes with shitty software
“Why is the software that ships with digital hardware so frequently bad? When you buy a scanner or a printer, for instance, the software included in the box that allows you to interface with that hardware is, virtually without exception, some of the most poorly designed and difficult to be found anywhere.”
Interview with Seth Godin
“Microsoft ‘quit’ the MP3 player market when they identified the wrong Dip. They picked the obvious, ‘safe’ one—the one committees of people could live with, but one that is so big and so steep that even Microsoft doesn’t have the money to get through it. Microsoft has a long history of sticking through Dips, and a long history of quitting dead ends. I have no idea what they’re thinking when it comes to the Zune, but it’s a dead end, through and through.”