Pat Riley on "the disease of more"
“In his book ‘Showtime,’ Pat Riley unveiled ‘the disease of more’ and argued that ‘success is often the first step toward disaster.’ According to Riley, after the 1980 Lakers won, everyone shifted into a more selfish mode. They had sublimated their respective games to win as a group; now they wanted to reap the rewards as individuals, even if those rewards meant having to spend way too much time at Jack Nicholson’s house. Everyone wanted more money, playing time and recognition. Eventually they lost perspective and stopped doing the little things that make teams win and keep winning, eventually imploding in the first round of the postseason. So much for defending the title.”
15 unfortunately placed ads
Context changes everything. (Kinda NSFW?)
Why the iPhone Will Beat the Blackberry (and why power users can mislead)
“Get over it: power users are a minority, and while they point the way to the future, they tend to be disappointed when the rest of the market catches up with an inferior product that has a lower barrier to new users.”
Military wants tech partners to “get real”
Advice to civilian innovators seeking military sales: “Do it quick, and make it cheap because conditions change.” [tx EC]
Can Adobe really shift to web apps?
“It is very plausible that Adobe can have (less powerful) online versions of its most popular software aimed at the consumer market within 10 years, but I think it will be a long time before professional users are comfortable using completely online applications for critical graphic, video, animation, and programming work. Matching the speed and complexity of Adobe’s offline applications online is more than 10 years away, in my opinion.”
Alan Cooper on design engineering
“Software builders struggle to integrate design into their process for two basic causes: 1) programmers have never learned to follow a design, and 2) their day-to-day responsibilities forbid them from doing so. I also believe that these reasons can be understood and vanquished.”
UnitedVisualArtists does lights/visuals at Chemical Brothers show
“We augmented the Chemicals’ touring set with a constellation of powerful lights around the square, and created a set of generative, realtime graphics for the show finale.”