We recently went out and filmed some of our customers talking about why they love Basecamp and the positive impact it’s had on their businesses. It was really great to meet these fans in person and hear their eloquent descriptions of how Basecamp helps them get projects done.


The first group of video profiles:

  • R.BIRD, a consulting firm with 25 years of experience in packaging design and branding.
  • Atelier Weddings, planners of top-notch weddings in NYC.
  • Elsewares, an online catalog of unique products from independent designers, artists, and entrepreneurs.
  • TransactTools, the commercial technology arm of the New York Stock Exchange.

Why video?
Why did we decide to do these videos? Benefits over features. Tours and screenshots do a great job of explaining what Basecamp does but we wanted to do a better job of showing how it makes people’s lives better.

Video turned out to be a great way to do that. There’s nothing like seeing real people talking about how easy Basecamp is to use and how valuable it is to their businesses. These people talk about how they love Basecamp and we’re proud of that. (As Richard Bird commented to us, how often is the word love used when describing software?)

Btw, while we conducted the interviews, the videos were shot and edited excellently by our friends at Coudal Partners. Kudos to Coudal’s Steve Delahoyde for doing a great job on ‘em. Stay tuned for more of these clips in the future.