This weekend we pushed a new view in Basecamp called the List view. You’ll find this new view in the messages section.

List view

List view makes scanning multiple message titles a lot easier (one of the top requests we’ve had). It also does a great job of showing you which messages are seeing a lot of comment activity (another top request).

  • New messages or messages with new comments are marked green.
  • Messages/comments you’ve already viewed are marked grey.
  • The number of comments per message are listed at the front of each row.
  • The last commenter (if any) is listed in the right column.
  • Messages with file attachments have a paperclip icon after the subject.
  • Private messages are marked with the red private flag.

The Standard view, which was the only view until we released List view, remains the default. You can toggle between the views at will. Basecamp will remember which view you last looked at and keep you in that view until you switch to the other view. This is a per-user setting.

We hope you like it as much as we do!