Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Basecamp links Kidrobot’s NYC designers to manufacturers in China
In “The New Instant Companies,” Business 2.0 talks about how Kidrobot, a retailer of limited edition art toys and apparel, saves tens of thousands of dollars and tons of time by using Basecamp to collaborate with its engineers in China.

Highrise tags help you drill down to specific contacts
Tags are a great way to harness the power of Highrise and help you drill down to a specific group.

Improved date picker for Basecamp Milestones
We just pushed a Basecamp update that includes a long top-requested feature: A calendar date picker for milestones. Now when you add a new milestone, or edit an existing milestone, you pick the date from a calendar instead of a series of pulldown menus.

date picker

Highrise and Plaxo: Looking for testers
The folks at Plaxo have been working on some pretty cool Highrise-Plaxo sync integration and are looking for Highrise customers who also use Plaxo to help them with some testing.

Macworld calls Backpack “a good way to keep track of travel plans”
Create a new page for your trip, and use it as a notepad where you can store all your travel information, build to-do lists with reminders, and link to the Web sites of your hotel and local attractions.

The quickest way to enter dates and times at Backpack’s Calendar
The Backpack Calendar allows you to enter dates and times easily into the “Add an event” field. This is a great way to quickly input events without having to click around.