Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Real Estate agents use Basecamp to sell homes
ActiveRain is an online community for real estate professionals designed to help them promote and grow their business. They recently reviewed Basecamp and called it “the ultimate online project collaboration tool.”...The review includes a description of how a realtor could use Basecamp to help sell a home.

Simply Invoices helps you invoice the time you log in Basecamp
Simply Invoices is a new web-based invoicing tool built to work with Basecamp. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to invoice your Basecamp time, Simply Invoices is worth a look.

OpenID screencast features Basecamp and Highrise
If you’re still wondering exactly what OpenID is or how it works with apps like Basecamp and Highrise, check out ScreenCastsOnline’s free, 15 minute screencast about OpenID. The video includes a section that demonstrates how to obtain an OpenID (using MyOpenID as a provider) and then shows how to use it to access both Basecamp and Highrise.


Wake Interactive stays in the zone with Basecamp
Basecamp solved the biggest counter-productive aspects of email communication in project management…Basecamp has helped us earn our clients’ trust in our approach to web design. We can have less meetings and give them more frequent updates. Most importantly it makes our clients feel comfortable working with a group of remote consultants.

Switching to OpenID is easy
Have you caught OpenID fever yet? It’s the secret sauce behind the new 37signals Open Bar…These guides will make your login switch a breeze.

Avalanche is a free Yahoo Widget for Basecamp customers
Avalanche connects users to Basecamp in an efficient, compact application called a widget. It uses the Yahoo! Widget Engine to run the application, which allows access right from your desktop. You can access messages, to-do items, time entries, contact information, and the next upcoming milestone from Avalanche for each of your Basecamp projects.

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